Legal translation

A translation agency specialising in legal translation

Does your company require legal translations? If so our translation agency is the right choice for you! Our translators have many years of experience, not only translating but also in the legal profession. We have qualified, lgeal translators working for us around the world, making it possible for us to select the most suitable and highly trained translator for your specific text. We are certain you will only receive the best quality service from our translation agency.

Our translation agency deals with many confidential legal documents. In order for your translations to be completely accurate, it is essential that translators are familiar with local particularities and can adapt the translation so that it makes perfect sense in the target language.

All official texts that are put forward for translation, will be exclusively worked upon only by specialists in the respective fields.

What do we translate?

    • Contracts, general terms and conditions, insurance policies
    • Birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce documents
    • University results, dissertations, Dipolma certificats, and other school results, Driving licences…

Art of legal translation

In today’s world, the translation of legal documents is becoming increasingly essential.

Whether you are a professional or an individual, there are numerous legal documents that you may need either in your own language or in a foreign one: contracts, company statutes, annual reports, agreements, regulations, judgements, litigation, qualifications, marriage certificates and notarial deeds, among others…

The aim of a legal translation is clear: to guarantee and apply your rights regardless of the language in which you are expressing yourself.

In the legal field, it is not only a question of translating, but also of perfectly mastering the legal jargon and the concepts of local law in order to understand the legal system of the target country in its entirety. As well as a perfect control of language, this work also requires an extensive legal knowledge.

Legal translation: the importance of a quality charter

That is why our legal translators all possess a double profile: they have legal qualifications and are equipped with a minimum of 5 years’ translation experience.

As professional translators, they translate exclusively into their native language in their area of expertise (civil law, commercial law, labour law, international law, tax law, criminal law, etc.) and they live in their home country in order to guarantee a translation of impeccable quality that is rooted in the culture of the destination country.

Furthermore, they commit to consulting and respecting dictionaries and reference works recognised by the legal community, and to using and enriching terminological glossaries and translation memories specific to each client.

It goes without saying that all of our projects are managed in the greatest professional secrecy, in accordance with the detailed work methodology in our quality charter.

Need a translation ?

Our translation agency provides quality translations in a short time thanks to its network of professional translators.