Technical Translations

Does your company require technical documents translated? Translation Services 24 will provide exactly what you are looking for!

Our translators are specialised in many different technical subject areas and have many years of experience in the translation industry. Our translators are located all over the world, allowing us to select the most appropriate translator for your specific technical translation. We have a multitude of language combinations at your service!


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We offer translations for:

  • Software, automobile industry, construction industry, engineering, pharmaceutical industry, etc.

  • Handbooks, operation manuals, patents, complicated technical process documents

  • Medical and pharmaceutical texts

Our translation company believes technical documents should only be translated by translators who are qualified in technical fields. In order to produce a satisfactory translation, the translator has to have a high degree of knowledge in the particular technical field and be familiar with all the technical terminology.

Marfarlane ensures that technical documents such as handbooks and operating manuals are assigned to experts in the respective industries. Whether it's software, engineering or construction you're looking for, we are certain we have a highly qualified translator who can translate your text to a high standard!

The translation team at Translation Services 24 pays great attention to your wishes and requirements and make a great deal of effort to ensure we keep within the parameters you give us.

Our translation agency has many years of experience translating technical texts and can help your company launch its products and services onto the international market. We ensure we are sensitive to every culture so your products can be successfully marketed in many different countries.

Globalisation has opened up international markets and made them more accessible than ever. As you know, businesses must compete at an international level in order to survive. In this respect we can help your company break into the markets abroad and ensure it seizes every opportunity in order to reach its maximum potential. Professional, high-quality translations dealing with your services and products can help you do exactly this. Our translation agency is one you can rely on and trust to give you completey accurate and culturally relevant translations.


High Quality Translations

Only qualified, professional translators should be used to translate your documents and this is something which our translation agency can promise. Reputations can be scarred and potential customers lost through poor quality translations. We understand how every single detail is important when translating technical documents. One small incorrect detail could render the entire translation incomprehensible and lead to customers being confused about your products or services. This could, potentially seriously damage your business. To ensure that our translations are of the highest quality references of all our translators are available on request.

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