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Our translation company can provide you with a translator or interpreter regardless of the kind of text you need translated! Our translators, who are based all around the world, can provide efficient, competitively priced and reliable software text translations.

Our worldwide database or translators and interpreters means we can guarantee we will find the right professional for you. Our team has been working in the business for many years and will deliver very high quality and professional software localistion.

Software Translation

Software translation involves both the translation of the user interface of a program, as well as the adaption of the program to conform to different norms and fit in with different cultural requirements.

Not only does software localisation require a lot of skilled knowledge, it also requires a lot of good teamwork. The team must possess the relevant knowledge of the relevant culture and know how to use the necessary tools in order to adapt the software to the respective languages and cultures.

For example, game consoles must be localised to ensure that the game console, as well as the game exterior are adapted to fit the appropriate countries, ensuring that they are playable in that particular region. Software localisation must be used to make the dialogue, story elements and content of the game suitable for particular regions as well as their target audiences.



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