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After 10 years in the translation industry, our translation agency has built up a database of professional English - Polish translators and interpreters who we can rely on. We can guarantee you high quality translations, delivered quickly and at cost-efficient prices.

We will find the right translator or interpreter for you. regardess of the subject area or language you need translated. Our experienced translators specialise in a wide variety of different fields, some of which are:

  • Law
  • Medicine
  • Science
  • IT
  • Mechanical Engineering


Regardless of whether you need a Polish - English interpreter for negotiations, conventions or trade fairs our translation company will find the right interpreter to assist you. Our interpreters can support your events and interpret to such a high standard, that the words spoken are conveyed into another language without any loss of meaning or any mistakes. We can offer you simultaneous or consecutive interpreting in almost any language, including French, German, Dutch, Italien and Danish.

The Polish Language

Today Polish is the native language of around 50 - 60 million people, 38 million of whom live in Poland. Large Polish minority groups exist in Russia, in the Ukraine, in Canada and in Germany. Due to the recent eastern enlargement of the EU there has been a large wave of immigration of Polish people to Great Britain. Poland also has a close political and social tie with the USA where today around 10 million relatives of polish emmigrants live.

The language itself belongs to the West Slavic languages and is closely related to Czech and Slovakian. There are slight dialects of the Polish language; the "standard" Polish spoken in various regions often differs slightly.


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