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Does your company require legal translations? If so our translation agency is the right choice for you! Our translators have many years of experience, not only translating but also in the legal profession. We have qualified, lgeal translators working for us around the world, making it possible for us to select the most suitable and highly trained translator for your specific text. We are certain you will only receive the best quality service from our translation agency.


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Our translation agency deals with many confidential legal documents. In order for your translations to be completely accurate, it is essential that translators are familiar with local particularities and can adapt the translation so that it makes perfect sense in the target language.

All official texts that are put forward for translation, will be exclusively worked upon only by specialists in the respective fields.

We offer translations for:

  • Contracts, general terms and conditions, insurance policies

  • Birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce documents

  • University results, dissertations, Dipolma certificats, and other school results

  • Driving licences

High Quality Translations

If it is professional and accurate legal translations you are after, then our translation agency is the best choice for your company. Our fundamental principle for your translations is that they are completely accurate and that the meaning of the original text is kept in every instance.

Our priority is to take the utmost care and attention when handling and working on your legal documents. Our translators have a perfect working knowledge of the legal systems in many different countries and are entirely familiar with legal terminology, whether its international contracts and agreements, foreign laws, court of law documents, legal regulations, etc, we are certain that our translators can cater to all these areas and can produce highly professional translations. Our translators are very well trained and have many years of experience. They not only specialise in the above, but also in the signing of contracts, working laws, regulations and practices, as well as many other areas.

Your legal documents will be translated effectively and efficiently; we always keep to deadlines and our translations are of course highly accurate. We can offer you experienced translators for over 60 languages who all translate into their mother tongue, ensuring high quality translations. The modern business world demands quick and precise translations. Our professional translators are located worldwide and are therefore in the position to translate your documents into nearly every language. Our translations agency only works with the best professionals, who are educated and trained to the highest degree in a variety of different subject areas.

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