Hebrew Translations

If you or your business require Hebrew - English, English - Hebrew translations then we are the right translation agency for you. Our translation company can help your business reach its maximum potential and launch it onto the international market.

Our English and Hebrew translators all translate into their native language. Our team has very high standards as regards Hebrew translations and we ensure that all our translators and interpreters fulfil a list of strict criteria.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact:

Mr. Scott Cooke

Email: info@translation-translator.co.uk

For our telephone / fax number, please click here: CONTACTS


If you would like more information on our Herbrew interpreting services then feel free to contact us. If you would like to place and order for an English/Hebrew translation then we ask you to provide us with the following information:

  • Source and target language
  • Length of text or the text in a marketable format
  • Order and requested date of delivery
  • Desired final file format and aims and objectives of the text

Our Translation Team

Our qualified and professional Hebrew - English and Hebrew - English translators are on call waiting to help your business reach its full potential. We can guarantee accurate, top-quality translations because all our Hebrew translators and interpreters are fully qualified and have years of translation experience between them. Our team puts a great deal of effort in ensuring that we select a translator/interpreter from our global network who specialises in your required subject area. You can be assured you will be satisfied with your translated documents!

Here are only a few of our specialist areas for Hebrew translations:

  • Contracts
  • Advertising
  • Software translations
  • Legal texts
  • Parmaceutical documents

The International Market

The Hebrew language is becoming ever more popular around the world and it is important that your business is able to adapt to new and up-coming languges. If you want your business to be successful on the international market then it is imperative that your products and services are available in a variety of different languages.

We can find you an interpreter or translator for almost any language, including French, Spanish, Dutch and Danish.

The Hebrew Language

Hebrew is the only world language which had died off but was revived again when the new founded state of Israel was declared in 1948. It is now spoken by around 5 million people throughout the world. Many Hebrew expressions stem from Russian and Arabic languages while its vocabulary and grammar have often been compared to those of European languages.

In Israel itself, where Hebrew is the de facto language of the state, the variety of cultures and ethnic differences which exist are enormous. It is therefore very important that these cultural differences are taken into account when translating. This requires the highest-quality, experienced translators who are familiar with the Hebrew culture and can relate to these ethnic differences. Many of our English/Hebrew translators live in their country of origin and so are surrounded by the developments in both their culture and their language.


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