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Are you or your business looking for a first-class Nepali - English or English - Nepali translation? Do you require your English website translated into Nepali?
Perhaps you need a Nepali interpreter for a business meeting? We can find you the right professional whatever the job!


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When ordering a Nepali - English translation we require the following information before we can give you a quotation:

  • Source and target language
  • Length of text or the text in a marketable format
  • Order and requested date of delivery
  • Desired final file format and aims and objectives of the text

Please feel free to get in contact with us if you require more information on a Nepali translator.

Your Translations

Nowadays, thanks to globalisation and the constant expansion of the European Union, the demand for good translators and interpreters is increasing. Our translation company has a large database of professionals which allows to assign the right interpreter or translator to you depending on your needs. You can be sure your work will only be carried out by professional and qualified translators, each of whom focus on an individual specialist subject area. A few of these expert areas:

  • Insurance/Finance
  • Engineering
  • Advertising/Marketing
  • IT

You can rely on our transation agency to provide you with 100% accurate translations, tailored to your specific needs.

English - Nepali translations is, of course, only one of our many language combinations. We translate to and from into almost any language, whether it be French into German or Japanese into Turkish.

Our Service

Both interpreting and translating are extremely demanding jobs and can by no means be considered easy. They both require years of studying to gain the appropriate qualifications and then years of experience and practice to become a professional.

Our translation team understands the importance of accurate, quality translations and this is why we only work with translators and interpreters who we can rely on to deliver your documents on time and to the highest standard possible.

The Nepali Language

Nepali is the official language of Nepal and is today spoken by around 12 million people. In addition, there are around 6 million speakers of Nepali in India and 150,000 in Bhutan. The language is taught is all schools and is understood right across the country. It is an Indo-European language which is closely related to Hindi.

Unknown to many Nepali developed a great literature within a short period of time in the 19th century which helped the language develop to have the same status as other world languages.

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