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Are you looking for professional Dutch - English or English - Dutch interpreters? Do you require an experienced Dutch translator to translate your business documents? Then you have come to the right translation company!


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Below is the information which we need in order to give you a quote for a Dutch/English translator:

  • Source and target language
  • Length of text or the text in a marketable format
  • Order and requested date of delivery
  • Desired final file format and aims and objectives of the text

Please get in contact with us if you would like us to organise a Dutch interpreter!

Quality Translations

Our translation agency is known for its speedy and high-quality translations. We exclusively work with accredited interpreters and translators who work into their native languages to bring you first class translations.

A translation is said to be of poor quality if it is obvious it's a translation i.e. if it contains many phrases which are clearly recognisable as coming from the source language. A non-professional translation means a bad start for your business on the foreign market and this could seriously damage the sales potential of your products and services.

The main subject areas which our Dutch - English translators work in are: website translations, translation of certificates, manuals and medical translations.

The Dutch translators in our database are all qualified, highly motivated specialist translators who have been translating in their specialist fields for years. We can find you the right translator or interpreter to suit your needs. They are extremely flexible and will always deliver your translation on time. The prices of our translations vary depending on the level of difficulty and length of the text in hand. Simply get in contact with us and one of our team will give you a quote!


The Dutch Language

Today Dutch is the first language of around 25 million people, 16 million of whom live in Holland, and 6.2 million in Belgium. Dutch is also spoken as a second language in Indonesia and New Guinea, although it has been recently repressed by English. For students studying law in Indonesia, Dutch is part of the curriculum. In Flanders in the northern part of Belguim the inhabitants speak the flemisch dialect of Dutch. In the north west of France near the Belgian border there are still a few ten thousand people who speak the west flemish version of Dutch.

Although there are obviously regional variations of the language, in 1980 the Dutch and Belgian populations created a Dutch language union. This was to ensure a common spelling and grammar system and to ensure that the language was maintained.

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