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Our translation company offers a wide range of languages to help you or your business overcome your communication problems. Whether you require a document translated into Burmese or a Burmese interpreter, we can find you the professional you need.


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We ask you to provide us with the following information when placing an order for a Burmese translation:

  • Source and target language
  • Length of text or the text in a marketable format
  • Order and requested date of delivery
  • Desired final file format and aims and objectives of the text

Should you require a Burmese/English interpreter then please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you.

A Professional Service

Our translation agency has more than 10 years experience as a translation service provider. We offer a professional, personal and friendly service, working closely with each customer to ensure they receive the exact service they want.

As well a translating and interpreting service we offer proof - reading of your documents, carried out by a second professional translator. This ensures a competely accurate text both linguitically and contextually.

Our translators and interpreters all specialise in a particular area of expertise, a few of which are given below:

  • The car industry
  • Law
  • Finance/Economy
  • Technology

Our aim is to increase your business's potential on the international market. With our database of hundreds of interpreters and translators we will choose the translator most appropriate for your job, ensuring you receive the possible quality of translation every time.

Incorrect or poor translations can cost your business a lot more than time and money. Get in contact with us today and discover a translation agency you can trust and rely on.

The Burmese Language

Burmese is the official language spoken in Birma and is spoken by around 25 million people. It is also spoken by many ethnic and linguistic minorities in Myanmar where is used as second language alongside the native language. Burmese has its own script which developed from the Brahmin script.

Due to the significance of tourism for the economy of the countries in which Burmese is spoken Burmese translators are often required in the service sector. However, the large range of Burmese dialects can make translating somewhat difficult, since there is no real "standard language" which can be referred to.


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